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Ways To Collect Money That Is Owed To You

Collecting money that is rightfully yours can be a hard task. It is difficult to work up the courage to knock on your neighbours door, and remind them that you mowed their lawn last week. Still, you need the money to pay your expenses. But unfortunately, not everyone is willing to pay when asked. In this situation, it may be time to get a lawyer involved. It is your right to be paid what you are owed. here are some tips from the NZ Consumer Affairs department.

How To Ask Politely For Money That’s Owed To You

Whether you are delivering girl scout cookies, or painting fences, it is never a bad idea to learn how to ask for your payment. Demanding payment doesn’t have to be awkward. You do not have to feel like you are speaking out of place, or bring up a subject that is forbidden. The truth is, not everyone will remember to pay you. It is your job to collect your money in the politest way possible.

A great way to ask politely for your money is to state the amount the person owes you. This also lets the person being charged collect the right amount of money to pay the fee. Simply say, “That’ll be thirty three fifty, please.” This should be enough to get your payment. If it is not, the next step is to ask when the person is available to pay.

How To Ask When They Can Pay

There’s a right way, and a wrong way to ask when someone can pay for your services. If you would like to be coy, simply ask “What time’s good for you?” The individual will most likely respond with his next payday. A more aggressive way to collect the money is by stating a date that you need it by. This may or may not work out. If the person does not have the money, it won’t matter which day you say you need it.

When All Else Fails

Some people are honest and simply forgot. Others are trying to get a free service out of you. If you feel that you are being taken advantage of, it might be time to consult a lawyer for debt collecting. This is especially appropriate when you feel a corporation, or business owes you money. As these cases tend to be the most successful when it comes to payout. You can sue a neighbour who refuses to pay. The amount of money in question might not be worth it.

Find The Right Debt Collection Lawyer in Auckland

Auckland debt collection lawyerWhen taking out a case against a corporation, or person, you need to find an Auckland debt collection lawyer. This goes without saying. There are different types of law firms to choose from so you need to find the one that best fits your case. If it is a relatively simple case then most lawyers would be able to help but if it is more complex and involves a company that owes you money, then you might be better going to a larger law firm whose staff will not be intimidated by a bigger opponent.

A Lawyer Will Tell You If You Don’t Have A Shot

During the consultation, a lawyer will tell you if winning this case will possible. This is extremely important to listen too. Taking a case to court that has no chance of winning is a huge waste of money. Even just pursuing the case via a lawyer can become expensive so take the lawyer’s advice; it can save you even further loss.

Collect The Money Owed To You Using One Of These Methods

These methods of collecting money are appropriate, and should be used to take care of this awkward situation. Once you have the money in your hands, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with that customer, employer, or hospital again.

For specific advice on debt collection, you can talk to a specialist debt collection lawyer in Auckland law firm, McVeagh Fleming.