Lawyer in Auckland for guarantee problems

Commercial Guarantees – Some Legal Considerations For You

Commercial guarantees are as common as customers purchasing products. A guarantee should be simple and straight forward enough but all too often companies fail to stand behind their guarantee. If one of your suppliers has not fulfilled their obligations as you understand them, then you should talk to an Auckland dispute lawyer to get advice about the guarantee and your rights.

The Consumer Guarantees Act of 1993 grants certain rights to consumers for both goods and services. The requirements are quite explicit and you can read more about it on the link above.

The Act covers many different classes of good including items sold by a retailer, materials for home improvement, although a complete house is not included, goods bought on credit, electronics, power, goods supplied as a result of an insurance claim and even second -hand items. In short, just about anything you buy is covered b the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Even door-to-door salespeople have to provide warranties before the sale is complete. It is somewhat like in retail instance, but you might be in the home of the customer.

Manufacturers also have obligations in all of these scenarios as well. You have an obligation to tell the retailer of your product’s warranties. Usually, if a consumer makes a claim to the retailer on a particular product, then the retailer will make a subsequent claim with the manufacturer. This is because it is in general the manufacturer which is guaranteeing the service and utility of the product, not the retailer. After all, they made it and people buy a branded good rather than buying a retailer’s brand. The effect of the retailer’s brand typically comes down to their service and price rather than the product itself.

Often you will be asked if you want to buy an extended guarantee or warranty. This is up to the individual consumer to decide but often, these are the most profitable parts of the sale especially for electronics products.

Auckland Dispute Resolution lawyerHowever, there are many times that a person has bought a product which later fails to operate as it was advertised. The washing machine may fail, the TV might not have a good quality picture or the mobile phone might not be working. Whatever, the goods you have bought, you are entitled to expect them to operate as fit for purpose. In this situation, the retailer will probably make a simple exchange or issue a credit. However, sometimes there can be problems with a guarantee in which case you will need to consult a lawyer to help you with your case.

This type of lawyer is generally known as a dispute lawyer or perhaps a consumer affairs lawyer. Whatever the particular law firm calls them, they offer the same service which is to remedy the problem and resolve the dispute you have with the supplier of the fault goods.

It pays to know the rules of doing business and your rights as a consumer. If you have a problem with a guarantee then you should consult an Auckland dispute lawyer. One of the best law firms in this regard is McVeagh Fleming who have offices in Auckland CBD and also in Albany.

Real Estate Listing Agent in Ellerslie

Mt Roskill

Choosing An Agent For Your Real Estate Listings

When it comes to Ellerslie real estate listings, it is how well your listing is set up that will determine whether or not, the listed property will sell as you would love it to. Now, it all boils down to how you will create your listing, or if that doesn’t work for you, the person you hire to work on your listing. As such, it is important that you make the best of the whole thing to ensure that your properties on the market are being noticed and are being bought.

When it comes to selling property, the most advisable thing would be to hire a real estate agent to work on creating and managing your listing. This is because the listing agent is the one who controls how well your property is marketed. There are plenty of other agents who can come along and sell the house but they are mainly reacting to the quality of the initial listing. So, it is essential that you choose or hire the right person with the right credentials to handle the listing for you.

So what are some of the things that you need to consider when considering real estate agents to hire to manage your real estate listings? Consider:

Their Credentials

An agents credentials will say a lot about him or her and their role in the real estate market. Just like in most industries, real estate agents too have specialties or properties they are especially successful in. By taking the time to consider their credentials (certifications and licenses), you can get to see or understand the different classes and areas of specialty that the agent is conversant with when it comes to real estate sales.




Experience is one of the most important aspects of any good sales person and the same applies to real estate listing agents. Take time to consider for how long the agent has been in the business of listing homes and properties in Ellerslie. The longer he or she has, the better they are to approach. Why? Because they know the market, they know where listings such as yours will be hot to potential buyers and where not to go.

Look At Current Listings

Consider taking time to check out the agent’s current Ellerslie real estate listings online. You can do this by either visiting his or her website or a database website that lists multiple listings from different service providers. From there, you can get to see how many listings the agent you are considering has, if they are in the same locality, and if they fall around the price range you are looking to get for your property. However, not all agents have a website but the more proactive ones do so look for real estate agents in Ellerslie that do have their own site. Guys like Mark Tung for example who have invested in their business.

Get Feedback About Their Services

Another way to determine the reliability of an agent is by taking the time to look for and get feedback about their services. Consider talking with recent clients who have listed with the agent to get more information about the agent and his or her services. This way, you can understand what their rates are, how reliable they are and what their success-rate when it comes to selling listed homes is like – in relation to how long the house or home stayed in the market before it was bought.

When it comes to hiring someone you can rely on, it will take a bit of patience and plenty of research to ensure that you go for someone that is professional, successful and reliable. By considering the above factors when choosing your agent for Ellerslie real estate listings, finding the perfect person for the job will become easier for you.

Here is Mark’s website

Auckland debt collection lawyer

Ways To Collect Money That Is Owed To You

Collecting money that is rightfully yours can be a hard task. It is difficult to work up the courage to knock on your neighbours door, and remind them that you mowed their lawn last week. Still, you need the money to pay your expenses. But unfortunately, not everyone is willing to pay when asked. In this situation, it may be time to get a lawyer involved. It is your right to be paid what you are owed. here are some tips from the NZ Consumer Affairs department.

How To Ask Politely For Money That’s Owed To You

Whether you are delivering girl scout cookies, or painting fences, it is never a bad idea to learn how to ask for your payment. Demanding payment doesn’t have to be awkward. You do not have to feel like you are speaking out of place, or bring up a subject that is forbidden. The truth is, not everyone will remember to pay you. It is your job to collect your money in the politest way possible.

A great way to ask politely for your money is to state the amount the person owes you. This also lets the person being charged collect the right amount of money to pay the fee. Simply say, “That’ll be thirty three fifty, please.” This should be enough to get your payment. If it is not, the next step is to ask when the person is available to pay.

How To Ask When They Can Pay

There’s a right way, and a wrong way to ask when someone can pay for your services. If you would like to be coy, simply ask “What time’s good for you?” The individual will most likely respond with his next payday. A more aggressive way to collect the money is by stating a date that you need it by. This may or may not work out. If the person does not have the money, it won’t matter which day you say you need it.

When All Else Fails

Some people are honest and simply forgot. Others are trying to get a free service out of you. If you feel that you are being taken advantage of, it might be time to consult a lawyer for debt collecting. This is especially appropriate when you feel a corporation, or business owes you money. As these cases tend to be the most successful when it comes to payout. You can sue a neighbour who refuses to pay. The amount of money in question might not be worth it.

Find The Right Debt Collection Lawyer in Auckland

Auckland debt collection lawyerWhen taking out a case against a corporation, or person, you need to find an Auckland debt collection lawyer. This goes without saying. There are different types of law firms to choose from so you need to find the one that best fits your case. If it is a relatively simple case then most lawyers would be able to help but if it is more complex and involves a company that owes you money, then you might be better going to a larger law firm whose staff will not be intimidated by a bigger opponent.

A Lawyer Will Tell You If You Don’t Have A Shot

During the consultation, a lawyer will tell you if winning this case will possible. This is extremely important to listen too. Taking a case to court that has no chance of winning is a huge waste of money. Even just pursuing the case via a lawyer can become expensive so take the lawyer’s advice; it can save you even further loss.

Collect The Money Owed To You Using One Of These Methods

These methods of collecting money are appropriate, and should be used to take care of this awkward situation. Once you have the money in your hands, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with that customer, employer, or hospital again.

For specific advice on debt collection, you can talk to a specialist debt collection lawyer in Auckland law firm, McVeagh Fleming.


Buy-Sell Agreements for North Shore Business Owners

Why A Valid Buy and Sell Agreement Is Vital For Small Businesses

James Turner

James Turner

If you can just imagine for a moment that you are in business and you have a partner, so that the both of you are able to manage the business successfully. The business is doing well, you operate it in accordance with all of the local laws and regulations, pay your taxes on time, resulting in a strong presence in your community which views your establishment as a solid economic unit. Next imagine that your business partner has to go through some very negative personal experience such as a divorce, a major illness, or he might have to declare personal bankruptcy.

How would this affect your business in such circumstance? In the case of a divorce, would his ex-spouse become a partner in the business, and if so, how would she be able to hold up her end of the partnership if she had no knowledge or talent in the business? Or would the courts rule that his share of the business be given to one of his children? What about your partner’s death, disability or early retirement due to illness? Would the business be worth less money? Or would you be the sole owner of the business?

These are questions that need to be faced and the answers determined beforehand, and in case the situations do occur they outcomes are dealt with in a valid buy and sell agreement. In essence, such an agreement will cover each and every situation possible as far as the outcome and the final disposition of the business. If a buy and sell agreement is in place when these types of situations occur, the agreement will decide what legally will happen to the business.



Every business that has two or more people in the rank of ownership needs such an agreement, otherwise the remaining owner or owners will more than likely be faced with the hard fact that relatives of the displace owner will suddenly become owners and partners of the business. This is not necessarily a good situation because of their potential lack of ability and inexperience and potentially their inability to carry their share of the load.

In the case of death or disability, the situation is easily solved by life and disability insurance that triggers the sale of the deceased or disabled partner’s share from the estate or family in exchange for the proceeds of the insurance. Then the remaining partners own the business outright and the heirs have the money, or value of the business.

In the case of a divorce, it can be stated in the terms of the agreement that the business will buy out the affected partner’s interest with an instalment agreement over a period of time. It might be possible to insure that eventuality too. There could also be a choice stated in buy and sell agreements where the remaining business owners or business owner, as the case may be, could decide to include the spouse or other relatives, if that would make good business sense.

If you are concerned about your business, then you should contact a business lawyer North Shore-based for companies in that area of Auckland. McVeagh Fleming Partners are the largest legal practice in Albany and have plenty of skilled lawyers who can help you. There are more details on their website

Your Plumbing Questions Answered!



Do you find plumbing confusing? Is it just a mysterious world of complicated networks of pumps and pipes that somehow make your sinks and toilets work? If this is the case you will not be tempted to have a go at repairing or even maintaining the system. The good news is, despite what you may think, plumbing is actually not all that complicated. In fact there are many things you can do yourself that can help to maintain your system, and even repair minor problems.

Taking care of your drains can help to prevent blockages that can lead to more serious plumbing problems. Although drain cleaning chemicals may seem convenient and a good solution to blocked drains, they should not be used regularly since they contain damaging chemicals. The corrosive chemicals that are used in these liquid cleaners can be harmful to the pipes in your system, and can end up doing more damage than good.

When you need the help of a professional plumber it is important to make sure that you are choosing someone you can rely on. Rather than simply picking a number from the phone book, check with family and friends to find a plumber they recommend. If you do not hire a reliable professional plumber you could end up with a more serious problem in the future.

Check that the plumber you are considering hiring is licensed and insured. This is essential since, in the event of a plumbing emergency you will want to make sure that the plumber is well equipped to cover it. If the plumber is adequately insured, he will be covered for any accidental damage that may occur during the job.

You could fix basic problems with toilets yourself if you take the time to research the problem online and figure out if the solution is something you are capable of doing. You could check with your local hardware store for support and advice on how to install the parts you need.

Taking the time to make sure that all overflow holes are regularly cleaned out will help to prevent water damage over time. The purpose of an overflow hole is to prevent the water from overflowing from the sink if the faucet is accidentally left running. If the overflow hole is blocked, this will cause the water to overflow from the sink, causing flooding.

Before you call in a professional plumber, gather all of the plumbing repairs that need sorting out. Check on all of your taps and fixtures. Make a note of anything that is clogged, running or dripping. This will help to cut down on expenses since the plumber can do all of the jobs in one visit.

Check your water meter when you are not using water, and make a note of the reading; then check it again 8 hours later. If the meter has changed at all, this could be a sign of a leak that has not been detected, which could be a serious problem.

There are certain items that can block your drain sink and cause a plumbing disaster. These should never be placed in your garbage disposal: cantaloupe pulp, celery, carrots, banana peels, and poultry skins. These kinds of foods cannot be properly ground. Before and after using your garbage disposer run cold water down the drain for around 15 seconds in order to flush the waste down the main drain.

Rather than calling out a professional plumber for every repair job, take the time to apply common sense and take the steps that will help to avoid serious plumbing problems. However, if you do need to call and North Shore plumbing companies, you should look for Master Plumbers, Heron Plumbing.

Commercial Video Stock Footage

Commercial Applications Of Stock Video Footage

HD video stock footage

HD video stock footage

The Internet has revolutionized almost every field of creative endeavor. Filmmaking has definitely changed thanks to online resources, and one of the biggest new opportunities the Internet has to offer is finding and using commercial video stock footage with incredible ease. As multimedia content becomes more and more important to a wider range of businesses, this is very good news for commercial video creators! Here’s why.

First Things First: Clearance And Copyright

As you should probably already know, pulling images or videos off of the Internet at random and re-using them in your own projects is extremely risky. The issue becomes far more important when you’re making a video for commercial use; you could get into serious legal trouble by stealing footage that belongs to someone else. Fortunately, there are many dedicated sites that archive stock footage that comes pre-cleared and ready to use. (Some of the best sites even give you access to completely free footage!) Remember to confirm explicitly that the footage you want is cleared for commercial use as well as private use.

Building Better Advertisements

Marketing experts are constantly advocating the value of using more multimedia content in online advertising and marketing. This is one of the reasons why commercial video production is attracting the interest of relative newcomers to the world of filmmaking. Small business owners can dramatically increase the scope and polish of very inexpensive videos by making good use of stock footage. The right stock footage adds polish and prestige to a marketing video without inflating its price.

Adding Punch To Presentations

Selling a product or service isn’t the only commercial use for stock footage, of course! Anyone who’s worked in a large corporate setting has come to dread the arrival of the inevitable PowerPoint presentation in meetings both large and small. If you find yourself saddled with the responsibility of crafting an internal presentation, (or one for customers or partners) why not wake up your audience by using plenty of video content? Stock footage allows you to build presentations that entertain and excite corporate viewers instead of putting them to sleep.

Telling Clearer Stories

All filmmakers are deeply concerned with ensuring that their message comes across loud and clear, and it’s particularly important for commercial video makers to avoid confusing their audience. Stock footage can have a powerful linking effect when chosen with care. You can soften abrupt transitions, illustrate crucial points, and emphasize your most important takeaways by backing them up with stock video.

Bringing Words To Life

In a lot of commercial video projects, the choice of medium comes well in advance of the idea of what to actually show on the screen. The boss says it has to be a video, so you’re making a video. Stock footage is a great way to add motion and color to script that otherwise has you at a loss. Does your script compare the competitive business environment to being alone? Grab some commercial video stock footage of a Pacific island! Are you trying to sell an organic food product? Lay in some footage of farming beneath your voiceover about production methods! When you’re short on time and the ideas aren’t coming, browsing the stock footage possibilities can spur you into action and make you more creative.

If you are making your own commercial video, stock footage dramatically extends the range of possibilities available to you. A shoestring budget need not constrain your video or force it to be boring! Start hunting up good sources of commercial video stock footage to broaden your video-making repertoire.

Buying Real Estate in Ellerslie

What You Need To Know About Buying Real Estate

Mark TungThe process of purchasing real estate can be overwhelming and even stressful if you don’t have certain tips and information. It is essential, in order to buy successfully, to make sure that you are educated about the process as well as the market itself. There is a lot of information out there, but here are the main tips you will need in order to make wise choices.

Success in real estate comes down to a combination of research and instinct. Once you have done all of the necessary background work and research, follow your gut feeling. Following your instinct, as long as you have all of the other information in place will help you to go ahead and take action, making decisions and placing offers. The preparation is important since this will give you the confidence to go ahead and rely on your instincts.

If you have just made a big move, it may be better to rent first rather than buying a home. After you have relocated, time is at a premium. This time pressure can make it tempting to buy a home quickly. However, it can be dangerous to rush the process. You will give yourself the best opportunity to find the best bargain if you decide to rent in the short term.

There are several considerations when buying a house. One of these is that you may resell it in the future. The number of bedrooms the home has will make a difference to how easy it is to sell later. Three and four bedroom houses are the easiest to sell because they are the most popular. If you buy a three or four bedroom house, you will find it easier to sell later on if you want to.

Check the local property market for ideas of what the current prices are before you start looking for a specific house. In addition to the current sale price, you may be able to find out other information that can help you to close a deal such as when it was last sold and for how much.

Once you are ready to start looking for a home to purchase it is important to work with a reliable and reputable real estate agent. It is crucial to have someone working with you to help guide you through the challenges of property investment with a purchase as large as a home. A good real estate agent will be able to give you insights you wouldn’t have otherwise since they will know how sales have been trending in that area, and will be able to give you an idea of a fair price for a particular house.

When you are looking at houses, be sure to take a good look at the windows. You are looking at the structural factors of the windows – the sturdiness, if there is any weather damage, and so on. Windows are expensive to replace.

Buying property can be overwhelming and stressful, but finding the right real estate agent can help to make the process smoother and easier. There are plenty of Ellerslie real estate agents but not all pay as much attention to detail as Mark Tung. His testimonials confirm the standard of his work. You will be able to get a good deal on a place that is based on your specifications with the help of the right agent. In addition to helping you find the right place for the right price, a real estate agent will help you through all of the paper work.

In order to ensure a successful real estate transaction it is important that both parties are educated in the facts. Being well prepared ahead of time will help you to make the best decisions.

Jewellery Tips That Anyone Can Use

NZ diamond ringOne of the many ways we commemorate major events in our life is in jewellery. For example, a couple will get engaged using a ring. When students graduate, they also receive rings. Birth months are commemorated with a stone, which is often incorporated into jewellery. Jewellery has a lot of impact on people’s lives so the best way to show that is to find good NZ jewellers.

It can be a challenge to find a piece of jewellery that feels both unique and significant. A lot of major jewellery stores offer little variety in their designs. One option is to buy jewellery that’s handmade by an artisan. A lot of these pieces will be one-of-a-kind. It feels great to support a local artist.

Many people put a lot of thought into the jewellery they buy for their significant others. If you’re planning to go this route, make sure the two of you have the same ideas about the relationship. You want to make sure you both have the same ideas about commitment before you shell out an extravagant amount of money. You also want to make sure that you give the gift at the right time. This is a big step; don’t waste it!

You can add balance to outfits by mixing and matching jewellery pieces. For example, a bold necklace is best paired with more basic jewellery. The same thing applies to statement rings; pair them with simple pieces. You don’t want the jewellery you wear to clash; you want to create a cohesive look.

If you buy gold jewellery, you should know that it’s very soft. Because of this, it requires special care. Ask your jeweller for advice about keeping it in good condition. If you buy gold jewellery, you want to make sure that it will last.

You may also want to think about buying pieces that are mixed with gold and other, more durable metals. Gold jewellery that’s lower karat tends to be less pure. The lowest karat gold jewellery that’s legal to sell is 10 karat gold jewellery; this is less than 50% gold. When it comes to gold, more karats isn’t always the best choice.

If you are buying diamonds, you will also want to talk to your good NZ jewellers. You should make sure you buy from someone you trust. A lot of diamonds use fracture filling so that they appear to be of a higher quality than they actually are. Confirm that the diamonds you are buying do not have these fillings; they may look nice now, but a higher quality diamond will look amazing many years down the road.

You should also consider repairing or re-working old pieces that you have before buying new jewellery. It can save you money and help you continue to use old pieces that you love. Jewellery is easy to re-work, and you can do incredible things with an old ring or necklace that you don’t wear any more.

Jewellery has a value that goes beyond financials. It can be a way to signify a special moment, to show someone that you love them, or to celebrate a relationship. Make sure you take full advantage of the power of jewellery and buy from the best NZ jewellers. Orsini of Parnell, have a very high reputation and can deliver all over NZ so visit their website to take a look at their collections of high-class gold and diamond rings NZ-made and Italian designer earrings, necklaces.

Why Should You Work With A Mortgage Broker?

Why Should You Work With A Mortgage Broker?

It is common in NZ for people to arrange a mortgage via a bank. In fact around four out of five mortgages are arranged directly with a bank. In most other westernised countries the proportion of mortgages direct from a bank is only about ten percent. In those countries the vast majority of people work with a mortgage broker to arrange their house purchase finance.

Few People Understand Mortgages

Mortgage debt

Mortgage debt

People tend to only buy a handful of houses during their lifetime, and as a result, are not very familiar with the workings of the mortgage market. So they are often quite naïve when it comes to discussing or negotiating a mortgage.

A mortgage broker has lots of experience and so they understand what is happening in the market and how to use that knowledge to help borrowers gain better mortgage rates and deals.

The Range of Mortgage Lenders

In NZ when people think of mortgage lenders their first tout is one of the main banks. However there are many other lenders that might be able to help them with financing their house purchase.

For example, there are building societies, regional banks, credit unions, mezzanine lenders and even private individuals. Few house buyers even know of these sources let alone are aware of the mortgages that they might have on offer. However a broker will be aware of these and can talk through the lending options with their clients.

Mortgage Brokers Are Paid On Settlement

A mortgage broker will lonely get paid once you have the financing in place unlike a bank mortgage officer who is paid a salary. This means the broker has to do a great job to firstly get your deal over the line and secondly to get good references and referrals for more business. So you can be sure they will be working hard to get you the best mortgage possible.

People Don’t Like To Negotiate

Negotiating with a banker

Negotiating with a banker

Let’s face it; negotiating is not a skill that many people have. And when it comes to dealing with a bank, people often feel intimidated and don’t want to upset their potential lender.

However, a mortgage broker spends a good portion of their working life in negotiations with e lenders. They know how to talk to them and how to structure a proposal so it has more chance of being accepted. Further, they also know how much a bank wants to get a mortgage especially if it stops one of their competitors from getting a mortgage. So the mortgage broker will be able to apply suitable pressure to negotiate a better deal for you.

Mortgage Brokers Know Current Offers

The range of mortgage products on offer changes with amazing frequency. The average person in the street would not be aware of all of the mortgage products they could consider but a broker has to keep on top of this data.

So a broker might find that a lower rate has become available since you last spoke to the bank directly. This will save you money and interest payments.

Speed Is Of The Essence

Due to the rapid change on mortgage offers, deals are often withdrawn. Your broker can help the process along. This can include the paperwork process and then perhaps even asking for a particular deal to be held over while you finalise the purchase of your house.

Mortgage Brokers Do Not Charge You For Their Service

Mortgage brokers are commission-based sales people. Their remuneration comes directly from the lender once the deal has been settled. The borrower rarely has to pay for any brokerage services in the mortgage industry. Make sure you do not pay any fees directly to your mortgage broker.

Only One Credit Inquiry

If you approach a number of banks they will each carry out their own credit checks. For many credit reference agencies, more frequent checks can count negatively in your credit report. It can be seen that you are not a viable lending option and are shopping around as you have been rejected by a possible lender.

However, if you go via a mortgage broker, they will run their own credit check which they will then supply to each potential lender. This not only saves time but also protects your credit rating.

Mortgage Brokers For Auckland Home Buyers

Banks are much more restrictive on their lending these days especially with the increased (Loan To Value) LTV ratio that was imposed at the end of 2013. Therefore it can make it a lot easier for borrowers to work with a mortgage broker to negotiate improved terms.

If you want mortgages in West Auckland you can look at this broker, while for those on The North Shore, this website help. For people living in Hamilton, you can get some mortgage advice here. Talk to a mortgage broker and get finance for your dream home.

The Best Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

The Best Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

There are significant reasons to use a mortgage broker when looking for the best rates and terms any time you are acquiring a new loan, or refinancing an existing one. Mortgage brokers maintain regular contact with all types of lenders. They have the ability to perform quick comparisons between mortgage rates and terms from a variety of financial lenders. In addition, brokers have the ability to steer their clients away from specific financial institutions offering onerous payment terms that are often buried deep in a mortgage contract.

What Is a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage brokers

Mortgage brokers helping clients

A mortgage broker is not the source providing financing for the mortgage. Typically, a mortgage broker is an independent, licensed contractor that is directly associated with licensed, independent brokerage companies. Usually, their fees are paid through commissions connected with mortgage consumers, which are usually individuals or family seeking financing for a home purchase, or refinance of their current mortgage. Generally, they can offer a variety of financing options because they work directly with a variety of lenders and mortgage banks.

Acting as an intermediary, mortgage brokers provide a valuable service by comparison shopping for the best mortgage rates and terms, keeping your best interest in mind. Because the broker does not originate the mortgage loan, but is providing the ability to source many options, they typically have a greater range of loans available at highly competitive rates.

More Mortgage Loan Options Available

Many financial lenders offer deals exclusively to mortgage brokers because they are relied upon as the gatekeeper for continuously providing suitable clients. These types of lenders usually do not provide direct access to the consumer. In addition, financial lenders often provide negotiable special rates to the broker because of the amount of business they generate each month and/or year. As a result, brokers often have more options available than attempting to get a loan on your own.

Saving Fees

If you have ever had a mortgage in the past, you know the dozens of fees associated with obtaining the loan. This often includes application fees, origination fees, appraisal fees and others. In many incidences, a broker can negotiate with the lender to waive a variety of fees, saving you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the loan.

A Mortgage Broker Can Save You Time

Allowing the mortgage broker to do the heavy lifting eliminates your need to shop and call around, or research all the mortgages available in the marketplace. In addition, a broker can weed through the complicated terms offered by each financial lender, and steer you away from any confusing payment terms or high fees. In the long run, this can save you an exorbitant amount of time and energy, while still producing optimal results and possibly lower monthly payments.

Mortgage Brokers Act as a Go-Between

A mortgage broker can provide a valuable service by acting as a go-between in helping you complete the loan application process. Serving in your best interest, the broker can ensure that the lender receives all the information they need to close the loan. In fact, their motivation remains solid throughout the entire process, ensuring that the application is approved quickly and the loan processed faster, to ensure they get paid.

In addition, a mortgage brokers are familiar with the language of underwriters, making the process of approval much easier. They work as an ideal problem solver, and effortlessly handle the paperwork, resubmitting a loan package if a lender is not responding quickly.

Transparent Fees

Governmental rules and regulations keep the actions of mortgage brokers intact. By law, all terms and fees of the contract must remain completely transparent, with full disclosure of the rate being offered through the broker.

Mortgage brokers

Success – your new mortgage

Working with a mortgage broker is important, because lenders often want the paperwork presented to them in a certain way. Lenders prefer speaking the financial lingo, and might reject the loan on problems that can easily be corrected by the broker. Once an application is rejected, it is often nearly impossible to have the error corrected or explain any misunderstanding.

The best mortgage brokers have access to many more financial lending opportunities for individuals shopping around for the best terms and mortgage rates on a new or existing home loan. They work as an ideal intermediary between the borrower and the lender to ensure the lowest rates at the best terms.